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Staged photography from the collection of Museum Het Valkhof

photography extended 02Museum Het Valkhof has an exceptional collection of art photography by prominent Dutch photographers.

The museum focuses largely on photography in which the photographer creates work on the basis of a preconceived plan, an artistic concept: premeditated photography. This is also referred to as Photography Extended. Producing such photography is a lengthy and intensive process. There may be mention of a meticulously constructed staging, but images may be built up with a self-made décor or a digitally designed entourage. Everything must fall precisely into place. All pictorial elements should contribute to the interpretation of the photo in question.

The photos display a (digitally) manipulated reality. Inspiration is taken from classical painting, film and theatre, among other sources. The sense of composition, staging, incidence of light and genre-depiction are traditionally well developed in the Netherlands. As a result of new technological possibilities in photography, a ‘parallel reality’ that the medium did not know in this form in bygone times has now arisen. Photography Extended demonstrates that new achievements and approaches do not undermine or reject the familiar image of photography, but actually expand and reinforce it.

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