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plaatje_voorkant_brochureMuseum Het Valkhof houses a major collection of Roman antiquities, old masters, and modern art. It is located at the edge of the historic Valkhof Park, which was once the site of a Roman encampment and, many centuries later, the residence of Charlemagne. Today, you will find an excitingly modern structure for art and archaeology, designed by the renowned architect Ben van Berkel. A grand staircase leads you up to the light and spacious rooms on the exhibition floor. You can choose your own route , meandering past exceptional archaeological finds, seventeenth-century paintings, silverware, and modern paintings. The long glass gallery with its undulating ceiling offers a panoramic view of the grand river landscape beyond. Museum Het Valkhof actively strives to engage the public and regularly organizes new activities based on permanent collections or temporary exhibitions.


The varied collection of archaeological objects tells us about Nijmegen and the province of Gelderland throughout prehistory, Roman history and the Middle Ages. A central theme here is the presence of a Roman legion in Nijmegen and along the border of the Roman empire in the Netherlands. In addition, several themes such as religion, death and burial customs, trade, and crafts shed some light on everyday life in Noviomagus at a time when it was the first and principal Roman town in the Netherlands.

Old Masters

Our extensive collection of old masters comprises paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, and silverware. Discover Nijmegen as a medieval commercial centre, its guilds, and the story of the Peace of Nijmegen (1678-1679). Townscapes from the 17th-20th centuries take you back to the Nijmegen of earlier times.

Modern Art

The museum’s modern art collection focuses on the highly imaginative Dutch Pop Art movement of the sixties and the effect it has had on contemporary visual culture. Magical realism and Cobra painting, especially the expressive school of the 1980s and 1990s, are also well represented. The renewed interest in figurative representation is evident in the modern art collection.

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Museum Het Valkhof